• What is Run An Empire?

    Run An Empire is an empire-building game that you can play in the real world. It’s free-to-play and available worldwide on both the Apple and Android stores.  

    The game places you in charge of a small tribe, starting in prehistoric times. Your job is to build a massive, futuristic empire that will stand the test of time!  

    To do this you must conquer nearby lands on foot, build cities and structures across your empire, explore forests and ruins for hidden rewards, battle neighbors for castles, collect resources, unlock technologies and dispense commands to your subjects.

  • What Are Hexes, and how do I capture them?

    We have covered the world in a layer of hexagonal tiles, which we call “hexes”. They are about 0.5km across. You can build a structure in a hex, or find a forest, ruin, rocky ground or village within it.  

    To capture a hex you need to enter or encircle it whilst tracking your activity. To do this, tap the “Start” button before beginning your activity, and “hold to finish” when you’re done. You can also capture (or otherwise interact with) a hex you’re already in, by tapping the “Start” button, then “this hex”.

  • Am I allowed to walk/ jog/ drive/ ride my bike?

    Run An Empire currently just supports walking, running and wheelchair rides. Currently all other activity types are not supported but we hope to add more in future.

  • Do I need to keep my screen unlocked whilst moving around?

    After you’ve tapped “Start”, Run An Empire can track your activity in the background, so you don’t need to keep your screen on whilst recording your movement. You can put your phone in your pocket, bag or armband and get on with enjoying your activity!

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