Introducing the new features in v1.7

October 28, 2016 Posted By: Mihnea

At Run An Empire we’re receiving literally hundreds of feature requests from players. Which is fantastic. It’s great to know where we should be focussing our attention as the game evolves.

And it will keep evolving. We’re dedicated to constantly improving the Run An Empire experience. Along with player requests, we have dozens of features we’d like to see added as well (not least to get an Android version live and to launch across the world).

Having launched in the UK we’ve been able to get more information on how people are using the game and now feels like a good moment to add in some new features.

Want to see these changes for yourself? Download the latest version here.




Leaderboards have definitely been one of our most requested features since launching, so we’ve added a leaderboard screen that can be viewed via the footer nav menu.

The leaderboard ranks everyone according to the number of hexes they currently own.

With the Global Leaderboard tab you can see how you compare against all other players.

With the Social Leaderboard tab you can view your position versus the players you follow. This makes it easier to see which of your friends needs bringing down a peg or two – taking their hexes will push them down the ranks whilst moving you up.

We’re glad to get this version of the leaderboard live. Stay tuned for updates on this front – we’re wondering what other ways we can show progress in-game. (local or seasonal leaderboards, anyone?)


Unlock New Shield Quadrants


Anyone that’s played the launch version of Run An Empire will notice that although there are plenty of supporter creatures to unlock, there wasn’t much in the way of customising the shield quarters themselves.

To remedy this we’re adding in a first batch of unlockable shield quadrants, with a plan to add more (many more!) in future releases.

The shield is a way of showing other players what you’ve accomplished in the game and will also begin to show something about your play style and character. Customising your shield is linked directly with a collection of achievements we’ve created – unlocking achievements will reward you with new shield quadrants.


Progress on these achievements towards the next shield upgrade can be viewed via your player profile (now accessed via the top left of the map screen). From here you can see the existing challenges (currently 6 challenges with 6 milestones for each – meaning 36 unlockable quadrants altogether.

Tapping the achievement in the profile screen will unlock the shield pieces.


We’ve been wary of potentially ‘spamming’ our players with notifications, but there have been many requests for more real-time information about empire activity – e.g. imagine if you’ve just lost a portion of your empire to an opponent.

Because of this, we’re starting to use notifications. If you’d prefer not to receive notifications you can turn them off in the iPhone notification settings.

That’s Mostly it

Players will also notice some style changes – we’re including player shields in lists more often, for example – and there are some bug fixes too.

Watch out for the next update

We’re already working on more features for the next version of Run An Empire – stay tuned for more information.