Planned features


  • Push Notifications

    Notifications if your territory gets captured

  • Cheat Detection

    Discounting ‘runs’ if they have clearly been done by someone using a form of transport.

  • Web Interface

    A browser-based login service with additional features

  • Wearables integration

    Connect your GPS-enabled wearable and take it running with you.

  • Running Application integration

    Sync your running app to Run An Empire - log the calories burned whilst you play.

First Time Use

  • Tutorials

    A basic walkthrough to explain the rules whilst you play


  • Customisable Crests

    A trophy cabinet/ avatar that can be customised. Elements are unlocked based upon achievements. Includes the Kickstarter Dragon and Unicorn awards.

Map View

  • Filters

    Alternative ways of viewing the map - e.g. based on teams that you belong to, or other criteria - such as friends only.

During a Run

  • Bonuses

    Small buffs to territory capture based on average speed.

  • Sharing

    The option to share progress on Facebook or Twitter.

News View

  • More news

    How is your team doing? How are your friends doing?


  • Add friends

    See if people you know are playing. Add them as friends to see how they get on (versus you).

  • Create/ Join groups

    The ability to create or join groups - see how you’re doing versus other people in the same group

  • Create/ Join teams

    The ability to create or join a team - take on other teams in a league.

Possible Features

  • 3D View

    View the map in 3-dimensions, isometric or similar.

  • Bikes version

    A separate version of Run An Empire - for cyclists!

Got a new feature?