Stride: Adventures on Foot

Introducing Stride – the app that gamifies your activities. Record your runs and walks using GPS, and compete against others to own the largest territory.  

We believe that exercise and adventure go hand in hand, so Stride rewards you for exploring the world, visiting new places and expanding your territory. Whether you’re an urban runner or rural walker, Stride gives you a playful reason to get active.

How does it work?
You capture territory by moving around the world. In Stride territory is made up of tiles about 60m in size called hexes. Once you visit a hex you become the owner, and your name appears above it for all to see. You share the map with athletes in your local area, so there is always someone to play with and a reason to run. 

Who are we?
We’re the makers of Run An Empire – the real world empire building game. Run An Empire has been downloaded nearly a million times by players all over the world.

For people who’ve followed us since the early days, the idea for Stride might seem familiar. Early concepts for Run An Empire took this multiplayer approach. As Run An Empire evolved we moved more towards the empire building and personal progression seen in the app today. While Run an Empire will continue unchanged as the place for the immersive world loved by our players, Stride will give us the freedom to explore a socially focused game for runners and walkers.

What next?
Stride will go into user testing in the next few weeks, and be live on both Android and iOS by September. We really want to know what you think – we’ll also need your help spreading the word. The best way to know when the app will become available is by signing up to the newsletter below.