UK Launch: Week One

August 25, 2016 Posted By: Mihnea

This week we saw Run An Empire officially launch in the UK! We’ve had quite a few people asking similar questions so we wanted to clarify a few points:

It’s free – Run An Empire is free to download. We’re not kidding, go have a look on the App Store. Going for a run can be hard enough so we don’t want to put any more barriers in the way. We plan to make money through purchases within the app and partnerships.

It’s fully compatible – Run An Empire works alongside all other running apps. If you already use Nike+, RunKeeper, Strava or a Casio watch, you can still do that. Just start your run in Run An Empire, then do the same in your other measuring tool of choice (then don’t forget to hit ‘finish’ at the end). The brilliant thing is, when you get home you’ll have two sets of stats to spend hours pouring over.

You can walk – We don’t mind if you lope, saunter, stroll, peregrinate, stride, trudge, schlep or perambulate. As long as you use your feet, you can play Run An Empire. We promise we’ll make a version for cyclists when we get a spare moment. And yes, we’ll probably call it Ride An Empire.

It works in the background – You don’t have to strap Run An Empire to your face to play the game. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Like most fitness apps, once you’ve hit run, you can sheath your phone until it’s time to go back inside. You might want to put headphones in to get the odd helpful update!


That’s it for week 1. If you have other questions, then head over to our Community section or check out the ever-expanding FAQ!