Pushing forward with our empire

January 27, 2016 Posted By: Mihnea

Happy new year, Friends of Run An Empire! We hope you’re well, that you’ve had a great winter break and a good start to the year.

It’s been a very busy but fantastic few weeks here at Run An Empire – here’s what’s been going on…


Join the Extended London Beta

We’re looking to find more testers running in London to see how the game mechanic handles a higher density of users in one place. If you know anyone who would fit the bill, please direct them to apply by completing this survey!



We’re looking to hire a Ruby Developer and an iOS Developer.

We’re really eager to find the right people as quickly as possible – so if you know anyone then send them our way – we’ll give you a £250 referral reward if we take them on!



We’ve completed our equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, which ended up being funded 175%. This means we now have everything we need to scale up the development of the game and its upcoming launch…

We’ve also been named 2015 Start-up of the Year at the Crowdcube Awards – so thanks to everyone for your continued support!


Public roll-out: next steps

As a reminder, we’re now gearing up to roll out on iOS in our initial test market in March. This test is designed to validate what we think will make the game appealing to the general public (and not just early adopters like yourselves). We’re carrying out experiments to find a territory of the right size and density, with an active running population that we think can help us shape the global product.


Build updates

Here are some of the things that have been improving in the iOS Beta over the past few weeks:

  • The Run History tab is now split up between ‘My runs’ and ‘Challengers’ so you can have a clearer view of your own progress versus that of those who have affected any of the tiles you’ve scored on;
  • Added an in-app notification system for when your territory is affected (these aren’t push notifications just yet);
  • Distance units are now configurable, you can switch between metric (kilometres) and imperial (miles);
  • Distance and time run are now shown in the run report;
  • Minimum run distance: your runs have to be at least 60 metres (about 200 feet) long before you can hit finish – you can change this in Other / Account Settings;
  • Larger displays: the in-game screens have been optimised for those of you running with 6/6s Plus devices;
  • Various bug fixes on the new ‘Run In Progress’ screen.


So that’s where we are at the moment – we think you’ll agree after reading this mammoth update that it’s going to be a huge year!