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September 13, 2018 Posted By: Ben Barker

Players in UK, New Zealand and Ireland can now play Run An Empire on iOS and Android. Download for free here:

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Global Release
Today marks the beginning of global roll-out for Run An Empire with worldwide availability expected by the first week of October. We’ll announce the global launch date once it’s confirmed next week, sign up below to be the first to find out:

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What is Run An Empire?
Run An Empire is a free game for Android and iOS where players capture land in the real world by running, jogging or walking. It fits into your exercise routine, adding an immersive layer of adventure and competition. So whether you walk to work or are training for a race you can build an empire in your image. To play just start the app whilst on the move – it tracks in the background like Fitbit or Strava (in fact we’re integrated with Strava).

The territory you capture is in the real world, so if you run round a local park, you own it. The further you run, the more coins you earn to spend on building up your empire. It’s not just you out there though – you’re sharing the space with other local players who can capture your castles or help you defeat nearby rivals. Can you build the biggest local empire and lead your people into the modern age?

What’s New?
The single player experience will be one of the biggest changes for players who have been following us for a while. You enter the world at the dawn of time, with just a camp fire to your name. Build a civilisation, discover new buildings and defeat local rivals – all by running or walking. We’ve been beta testing this feature all summer with a growing community of players, and we’re now ready to go live.

We’ve also made big changes to the map and we’re really proud of how the game looks. Our new AR engine combines roads, rivers, running data and game elements into a single seamless experience, wherever you are in the world. There’s a lot of undiscovered land out there – so get running!

Get Involved
We would love your support getting Run An Empire in as many hands as possible over the next few months. Please get in touch if you’d like to blog about us, review the game or just give us some feedback. We also have a press pack available for media looking to cover global launch.

If you’re in the UK, Ireland or New Zealand then make sure to download the game and give us a good review. If you’re elsewhere then sign up for the latest news and let your friends know too.