New Shields, New Rewards

March 30, 2016 Posted By: Mihnea


The shield has always been a really important part of your progression in Run An Empire, but so far we’ve only had a fairly basic system. The latest Beta build update addresses that!

Apart from an updated colour gradient editor, we’re now rolling out the rest of the redesigned experience, which we believe improves the way you evolve in the game, allowing real progression from basic characters through to the big stuff as you become a stronger player.

This means we’re launching an entirely new visual style for the shield, and a completely new set of supporters to go with it! The ones we’ve added now are just the first, basic ones – by having everyone start small, we believe we can really add meaning to the bigger and better creatures later on (so when you see someone with, say, a lion or a serpent, you’ll know they worked really hard to get it).

New coin rewards too!

We’re also improving the way coin rewards work. So far (in the short time the raiding feature has been live) players have been able to collect a flat 10 coins per each hex they affected in any way during a run, and the same goes for coins earned from the hourly bonus for owned hexes.

We think it’s important for these rewards to better represent a player’s in-game activity and progress, so we’re balancing them out. Here’s how:

  • When you fortify an owned hex: you now earn 2 coins per hex
  • When a hex is first claimed by you: you now earn 5 coins per hex
  • When you skirmish an opponent’s hex: you now earn 8 coins per hex
  • When you stalemate a hex: you still earn 10 coins per hex
  • When you capture a hex: you still earn 10 coins per hex
  • When you collect your hourly bonus for owning a hex: you now earn 1 coin per hex


These updates are already live and under heavy testing, so we’re excited to see what our Testers have to say about them!

The soft launch

The soft launch we’ve been planning is another very exciting chapter in our story – publicly launching in a small test market gives us the chance to test our user acquisition and retention models with players outside of our network, proving that we have a game that people love and return to again and again.

We’ve selected New Zealand as our launch territory, starting with the country’s largest cities – more details to come very soon!