Coats of Arms are in!

September 2, 2015 Posted By: Mihnea

While (most) have been splashing in the sea and getting their tan on, we’ve been hard at work readying the game for prime-time. And today we want to talk about a new Beta build we launched recently.

Introducing Coats of Arms

We’ve been dabbling with this one for a while. Beta Testers are now able to:

  • choose from one of three temporary, unlocked designs for every quadrant of their shield
  • choose a background gradient (by picking a top and bottom colour)
  • view other players’ coats of arms (on their profile screens as well as on their profile thumbnails)
  • save their selection and export to their camera roll (and set it as a lock screen background if they want)

This is the very first iteration of the system. Next steps for us now include unlocking new shield components through achievements/activities, editing the ’supporters’ or editing other parts of the coat of arms (e.g. the motto or the helm).

Here are some screenshots:


Here’s a quick changelog for some of the other things we’ve been tweaking:
  • Updated start-up image to show the newer logo
  • Fixed user caching bug: that would occasionally show the wrong user
  • Fixed iPhone 4s display bugs: some have flagged the slightly faulty layouts on the smaller screen size, so now we’ve gone and sorted it
  • Cleaned app bundle to remove obsolete assets
  • Other miscellaneous small bug fixes
That’s about it from us for now – we’ll be back soon with more features and plans!