Press - Run An Empire


Run An Empire is a free-to-play strategy running game that takes place in the real world, whilst players move through their local area to advance up the ranks. It was created by London-based Location Games for iPhone devices (with an Android version planned for a later date).

Players race against each other by walking, jogging or running around an area to ‘capture’ it, with the goal of controlling the most territory in their local environment.

Run An Empire is currently available for iPhone in the UK App Store (link) and in the New Zealand App Store (link). It is due to launch across more markets throughout 2017.


Run, jog or walk anywhere: Run An Empire is available anywhere in the world and works with everyone’s pace.

Scout, skirmish, secure: Players can claim new land in the name of their empire, by moving through or around it. They can invade neighbouring lands to expand their borders and keep opponents from stealing their territory by reinforcing it.

Real strategy, real world: all the careful planning of a strategy game, played through physical activity in the real world.

Accessible and simple: Run An Empire has not been made just for gifted athletes or hardcore gamers – it doesn’t have any convoluted rules and has been designed to ensure that determination wins over natural ability.