Product Manager

What is Run An Empire

Run An Empire is a location-based strategy game for runners. Put on your running shoes and compete against your neighbours to command the mightiest empire. Build strategically, raid neighbouring kingdoms and ally with friends in a global, mass-participation, augmented reality world.

We’re passionate about creating a social, playful and immersive experience that gets people healthier. We’re looking for a person who has the drive and ambition to push the boundaries of what we make and how we work. We are striving to implement the best processes and make the best possible environment so we can do amazing work with team who really care.

We’re a close team spanning product, business, development and design. We think people deserve something better than “gamification”. We believe passionately in making a true game that is rewarding, strategic and social. We believe in having a positive global impact on people’s health and ultimately their lives.

Summary of the Role

You will play a key role in developing the product, obsessing about the user experience, the key data indicators and the road map. You will be collaborating across a multi-skilled and multi-functional team to make the best possible product for recreational runners. You will own the user led features being built, lead technical planning, manage internal and external release schedules and ultimately be responsible for making sure we’re building the right things for our users.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure the product meets our audience need.
  • Take ownership of sprint cycles, from writing tickets with acceptance criteria, through to presenting feedback and data from our users.
  • Work closely with our designers and developers to understand their requirements and help them keep moving.
  • Own and measure features as they move from development, through MVP and into future iterations.
  • Deliver features across the user lifecycle, from onboarding for first time users through to players who rack up years of usage.
  • Work with the CEO and Head of Product Vision to ensure the business and product objectives are executed.
  • Manage internal priorities, driving a high level of focus and excellence with a talented team.
  • Establish, own and iterate upon a robust Product Management approach
  • Identify and resolve impediments faced by the team; proactively raise risks or delays
  • Understand and clearly communicate the story of the product in non-technical terms – so that the whole business understands what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.
  • Help to create a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within the product team.
  • Foster a community of beta testers amongst our target audience. Meet with them, understand their needs in depth, get their sincere perspective on developing game features and mechanics

Desirable Skills

  • Strong product management experience, preferably in gaming or digital products.
    Passion for understanding customers, solving their needs and building amazing products from the ground up.
  • Comfortable working with data and user insights, articulating those insights to the team and building upon them.
  • A strong understanding and familiarity with single-team (or “lightweight”) agile methodologies – with experience using tools and frameworks such as Lean (application of BML), Test-Driven Development, Scrum, XD and Kanban.
  • Familiarity with a project management tools, such as Jira, Trello or Asana and a healthy interest in Saas productivity tools
  • Able to work closely with the tech team, understand their needs and bridge across to the wider needs of the business, via the product.
  • Some technical intelligence – we don’t expect you to code, but an ability to grasp technical architectures and implementations is necessary
  • Results oriented and a desire to test quickly – you make things happen and measure the results.
  • Comfortable using both quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Hopefully you like running (but it isn’t essential).
  • Above all, the ability to improve us. We want someone passionate, considerate and driven who will ask questions, push improvements and make us the best business we can be.

Compensation details

  • A fun & social working environment
  • Salary based on experience
  • Compensation package including options and pension
  • A supportive environment to grow your skills including budget for personal development.
  • The chance to help shape a business from a very early stage, and an opportunity to develop and learn new skills across various technologies and skill sets.
  • Studio based in Somerset House, central London at the heart of an artistic and creative hub called Makerversity (laser cutters! 3D Printers! Pub visits!)
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