A real world
strategy running game

Race against others to control
the most territory in your local environment

Walk, jog or run
around an area to capture it



Claim new land
in the name of your empire



Invade neighbouring lands
to expand your own borders



Keep opponents from stealing
your territory by reinforcing it


Real Strategy

All the careful planning of a strategy game...

Real World

...played through physical activity in the real world.


Not just for gifted athletes - determination wins against natural ability


Pure fun - no fiddly controls, no convoluted rules

Compete Against Others

Take on your friends and neighbours

Upgrade Your Crest

Celebrate your victories and show the world what you can do


Build status

  • Concept

  • Design

  • Build

  • Test

  • Deploy

Key dates

Private Beta

iPhone - Live

Android - TBA

Public Launch

iPhone - Spring 2016

Android - TBA

Latest news

Run An Empire

Broadening our horizons

We have exciting news to share with you about the next stage in the Run An Empire journey – our supporters will soon have the opportunity to get involved! Where we are now Looking back at the last year, the response to our project has been fantastic: 1,825 Kickstarter Backers and thousands more people signed up […]

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Reward system

Coining a reward system

With our iOS Beta in full swing, we’ve been making a great deal of progress with Run An Empire over the past few weeks. Now it’s time to share what’s been going on! Stability updates We’ve been making some under-the-hood improvements based on our iOS Testers’ feedback: Added a ‘retry’ button on the ‘run upload’ […]

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Map explained

A new and improved map view

A quick update on the iOS Beta: our Testers saw an exciting new build last week – this focuses on a major build on the map, adding a heatmap-style view to your grid. Essentially we’ve added another colour layer to make it easier to see which tiles are easier to defend or harder to capture. […]

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What people are saying

Fast Company

“Run an Empire challenges you to conquer territory and defend it from rivals, rather like the classic strategy game Risk”


“Run An Empire offers mobile gamers the opportunity to turn their local neighborhood into their own fiefdom”


“Level up your running with a new app that brings tactical gaming to the real world”



  • Why can’t I play yet?!

    We’re working as fast as we can to get the game working but we’re currently a small team with a big to-do list. We’re working around the clock, evenings and weekends. Thanks for being patient - we can’t wait to launch either.

  • Won’t people cheat by driving around?

    We have several tricks up our sleeve for telling whether or not someone is genuinely walking/ running around, or using some kind of locomotion.

  • Will you make a version for bikes?

    Possibly! If there’s enough people that say they’d want that.

  • Will other players be able to find me whilst I’m running?

    No. We only show the sum of all places you’ve affected in your runs. Plus, your run is only submitted when you’re finished, it doesn’t show your start or end point, or where you are in real time. You can also choose to run completely anonymously - we won’t share your name or likeness.

  • Will it work on wearable devices?

    We plan to make Run An Empire work with wearable devices too. This is something we’re currently exploring.

  • What’s the deal with the Android beta coming later?

    Development can take a lot of building, then testing, then changing, then more testing, then rebuilding, then even more testing… it’s literally double the person-hours to do this on two platforms at once. So it makes sense for us to make mistakes on one platform rather than two, but this way the Android release happens sooner - because it’ll race through all the lessons learned from the initial testing.

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